The Role of a Home Carer

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The role of Visiting Carer can give real satisfaction and fulfilment in a job well done. This active role supports clients who are relying on you to be able to be in the home they love. It’s a very responsible job, supporting a wide range of clients with professionalism, empathy and a smile.

Visiting people in their homes means that every day is different; you can be asked to help with anything from administering important medication to taking a client out to an appointment or simply providing companionship.

The one-to-one nature of the role, and the absolutely vital work our Visiting Carers do means that there is a special bond between them and the client.

All the other roles at Good Oaks are designed to support our Visiting (and Live-in) Carers to do the best job they can do.


What Visiting Carers think

As a Visiting Carer, I love the impact I make to my client's life. Helping them with the little things as well as the big things makes all the difference

Jemma Visiting Carer, New Forest

Every day if different! I think that's the best part of the job. It's interesting getting to know my clients, who have had (and have!) such full lives

Dawn Visiting Carer, Bournemouth

Working as a home carer really works around my family life. I can work around my partner's hours and be around for the kids

Tina R Part-time Visiting Carer, Poole

Although I didn't have experience to start with, the training meant I could take on responsible jobs and feel confident doing it

Mark Visiting Carer, Reading

Would I suit this role?

People in the Visiting Carer role need to be flexible, patient and genuinely caring. Being able to interact with and support a variety of different clients with different needs in a friendly and professional way are all essential qualities for Carers.

We pay for people new to the care sector to complete the Care Certificate as part of their comprehensive induction, so even those with no experience will feel confident when starting in this role.

Because our Visiting Carers travel from home to home, being able to drive and having access to a car is essential.

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